60 Second Strike

When time is your life...

how long can you last?




A shooter you can play for minutes or hours at a time, 60 Second Strike offers a new take on classic old-school gameplay. When time is your life, how long can you last?

THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE: Defeat enemies and gather crystals to gain more time, but beware--the more damage you take, the less time you'll have left.

A SIMPLE GOAL, INFINITE APPROACHES: With procedurally generated maps offering countless challenges across multiple modes, the action only stops when you do.

MIX AND MATCH: Mix skill and strategy to hone your personal gameplay style, and keep the odds ever in your favor by permanently upgrading your weapons and ship.

THE NEED FOR SPEED: A custom game engine gets you in the game as soon as possible--you'll be playing before most other games have even booted.

NO REST FOR THE WICKED: 60 Second Strike is the debut release from Amplecti Chao, a one-person indie outfit with over a decade of industry experience including the Destroy All Humans! and Borderlands series.